Leni Morrison

Author, Source Light Activator, and Spiritual Life Coach in Colares, Sintra, Lisbon

I AM a conduit for spiritual, elemental & cosmic energies - a Source Light activator; Galactic White witch, earth angel, reiki master, meditation guide and multidimensional soul coach. I have just had my first book published, in which I go into more detail about how I light-work with my clients.

Discovering Your Mastery: Unlocking Hidden Codes Within

Now available onAmazon!

If you are excited & wondrous about your ascension journey; exploring & creating life experiences as a soul; if you are curious about your akashic records and want to release trauma, old habits, addictions & mind sets; if you wish to work with the universal gifts of abundance, DNA upgrades using tones and codes & increase manifestation & flow towards the deepest levels of self love - then I would love to co-create magic, harmony, joy & healing with you today.

Just go ahead & email me - I am also happy to help you to create a new reality filled with freedom-design coaching & healing techniques, which I call ‘Diamond-Print‘ Healing.

For a free sample of one of many courses I am offering, please check the links provided in my youtube channel. This will give you a taster of how incredibly powerful these game-changing, life altering new Sun courses are!

You can click the button above to contact me. If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to say hello through any of the social links below.

  • Education
    • P.G.C.E, B.A, Dip. Montessori
    • U.C.D, Aberystwyth University
    • Awakened Academy, Hawaii
    • Tera Mai Reiki & Seichem Mastery
What clients say about me
I recommend Leni with all my heart and soul! Words can’t simply describe the experience of working with her, it’s something you need to feel on your own body and mind! Her beautiful, soothing voice will take you very deep into meditative state, where you can discover yourself. Need healing? She’s the right person to trust! Her Healing session is way beyond anything i’ve ever experienced - mind blowing. I feel so light, balanced and grounded, which in my case is a big challenge, but not for Leni!
Pudel - London
I had a powerful session with leni! The effects were immediate on the surface and are still occurring on a deeper level. i felt so much more connected to my sense of self after working with Leni. What she was able to express in me made resounding sense on a soul level. Leni has a very special gift - I would highly recommend her for any type of Ascension Energy work. Thank you Leni, you are a Light Warrior as well as a part-time comedian! But to be honest, your gift cannot be put into words.
Amanda McKnight, Canada
I have had some very profound experiences in the presence of Leni during my sessions with her. She is an incredibly gifted channel and an equally gifted empath & healer. She was able to tell me things about myself that blew me away, but also really resonated with me. Going to Leni has really helped me immensely on my path to awakening. Helped me become more balanced & grounded as I am going through so many changes. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking healing in any area!
Maria Johnston