Leni Morrison

Quantum Healer, Ascension Guide, and Soul Councellor in Lisbon

Leni Morrison

Quantum Healer, Ascension Guide, and Soul Councellor in Lisbon

Hello there, beautiful soul! Thank you for finding me today - let me introduce myself.

I have been on a mystical journey most of my life. I AM a multidimensional healer and vibrational channel, a Medical Intuitive & Soul Empowerment Coach as well as fully qualified Violet Flame Reiki Master.

To know more about how I light-work, please check out my first book, Discovering Your Mastery: Unlocking The Hidden Codes Within:


I share some unique adventures about living among sages and wise souls in various spiritual communities around the world. I also share stories about transformational healing experiences & Supernatural/cosmic visitations. Each chapter ends with transmissions and meditations to take you to a new bliss!

I am an ascension guide, I host global webinars, co host weekly podcasts globally & run workshops as well as weekly spiritual classes and very soon retreats!


If you are curious about your ascension journey & need a thought leader to offer creative and powerful new perspectives to help you to release the old identities & stories, then we can work together! to book a session:


My bespoke packages include some of the following offerings:

Sacred Dream Pouch of pure channeling which she calls her Phoenix Rising Embodiment Sessionswhere you will be guided lovingly into deep channeled transmissions and experience:Diamond Light body Activations||Akashic Record & Halls of Amenti activations||Diamond DNA work||Ascension wisdom & divine guidance|| Multi-dimensional Integration||personal transmissions and all with the Christed Angelics & Lyran/Arcturian elders tuning in!

This magical infusion can be perfectly tailored to suit your needs and pocket! please get in touch today to set this up with Leni personally on

[email protected]


Do you have an urgent question or need pristine guidance? Why not connect for an Akashic Tarot card reading 55 euros for 35 minutes


Star Seed Course 3 2.5 hour sessions in total, each session 77 euros

New Earth Chakra Course - 7 intensive sessions - Powerful Upgrade to connect you to New Earth, each session 77 euros

Diamond DNA Courses 3 2.5 hour deep diamond dives! each session 77 euros

  • Work
    • Soul Empowerment Coach
  • Education
    • P.G.C.E, B.A, Dip. Montessori
    • U.C.D, Aberystwyth University
    • Awakened Academy, Hawaii
    • Tera Mai Reiki & Seichem Mastery
What clients say about me
I had a powerful session with leni! The effects were immediate on the surface and are still occurring on a deeper level. i felt so much more connected to my sense of self after working with Leni. What she was able to express in me made resounding sense on a soul level. Leni has a very special gift - I would highly recommend her for any type of Ascension Energy work. Thank you Leni, you are a Light Warrior as well as a part-time comedian! But to be honest, your gift cannot be put into words.
Amanda McKnight, Canada
I have had some very profound experiences in the presence of Leni during my sessions with her. She is an incredibly gifted channel and an equally gifted empath & healer. She was able to tell me things about myself that blew me away, but also really resonated with me. Going to Leni has really helped me immensely on my path to awakening. Helped me become more balanced & grounded as I am going through so many changes. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking healing in any area!
Maria Johnston